Tippmann 98 CUSTOM PS ULTRA BASIC Marker
Tippmann 98 CUSTOM PS ULTRA BASIC Marker

Tippmann 98 CUSTOM PS ULTRA BASIC Marker

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Paintball markers should only be purchased by persons aged 18 or older, who hold a valid UKPSF membership. Paintball markers should only be used for paintball related activities, taking place on accredited venues

98 Custom - For the new or casual paintball player wanting a durable, reliable marker that is easy to use but can be upgraded to enhance the look or performance.
The 98 Custom Ultra Basic is the most reliable marker in paintball. The “out of the box” performance features the proven inline bolt system combined with the split receiver design which makes it easy to upgrade and maintain. Popular upgrades include the e-trigger with five firing modes, the Cyclone Feed System, Response Trigger Kit and the Flatline barrel. The 98 Custom is compatible with many Tippmann and after marker accessories and comes with Tippmann’s World Class 1-year Warranty.

  • Easy-to-use semi-automatic marker that delivers reliable performance that can easily be upgraded
  • Split receiver design provides quick access to internal components for installation of upgrades and modifications
  • Picatinny rail along the top of the marker makes it easy to add a carry handle, scopes and other mods
  • Anti-Chop Technology (ACT) minimizes paint breakage
  • Tippmann’s proven inline bolt system