G.I. Sportz Glide Harness
G.I. Sportz Glide Harness
G.I. Sportz Glide Harness

G.I. Sportz Glide Harness

G.I. Sportz
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Made of the lightest material for the ultimate sporting performance. Custom molded 3D EVA Foam adds extra support and comfort to the lower back. Embedded rubber silicone locks the harness in place preventing it from slipping or sliding.

Wrap around elastic customizes to the body’s core and lower back for unsurpassed comfort and fit. 3D EVA Foam molded belt with micro injection rubber logo.

Micro injection rubber tabs specifically designed and positioned for quicker access to your pods.

The Structured frame maintains it’s original cup shape for the life of the harness and allows for the quick removal and return of the pods. Ejector straps release pods faster by launching them down and out of the structured pouches.


  • Ultralight construction 
  • Eva 3D comfort lumbar padding 
  • Anti-slip inner belt system 
  • Comfort support belt system 
  • Padded front belt 
  • Quick release pull tabs 
  • Structured frame pod pouches 
  • Elastic ejector straps