Empire NXe Harness
Empire NXe Harness

Empire NXe Harness

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The Empire NXe Harness was built for high speed competition! This versatile harness carries four pods in slots with the option to hold seven more in external elastic loops. The preformed pod slots and elastic ejectors ensure that pods slide out with minimal effort. The straps features textured rubber tabs for a sure grip, even when wearing full fingered gloves. The stretch waist belt adjusts to a perfect fit every time for a harness that doesn't slide and bounce all over your body when you are gunning for victory!

  • Ultralight Construction
  • Tried and tested NXe design
  • Ultra Elasticated Pod Holders
  • Extra Pod Loops
  • Varied Pod Pocket Size Expandability
  • Comfort foam-cushioned support back and lateral panels
  • TPR Easy-Pull Fasten and release tab
  • Ventilated Max-Air Mesh system